People say “oh i dont live in LA

LAist rules harder than you know i wouldnt want to read LAist.” to them i say, then youre missing out bubba.

Here’s some of what was covered just yesterday:

– Yes on Prop 89, and not just because the LA Times and other Big Businesses are against it.
Some people still don’t believe, even after a jury says he did it on purpose, that an old man would plow through a crowd of youngins on purpose.
– Michael J. Fox wants Missouri to get their heads out of their asses.
– “Marie Antoinette” probably sucks
– While everyone else has to schlep around in clubs, Bob Dylan can quietly still sell out the Forum.
– When cops raid your office your press conference about running for Congress is probably postponed.
– There will be hot lesbo action on the new Real World
– Fraggle Rock will probably stay weird.
– Even John Lennon’s son gets played by the ladies.
– The GOP do believe in Cut & Run.
– If you’re old and white and live in Santa Monica, you still don’t have to come to court even if you get tried and convicted for killing 10 people.
– There’s nothing hotter than a USC cheerleader, except maybe two UCLA cheerleaders screwing in a lightbulb.
– NBC is in some deep fucking shit.
– Lesbianism continues to sweep the land.

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