the pogues sucked last night

remind me never to drink so much that im the drunkest irishman at a pogues show. shane mcgowan, one of my all time heroes has damaged himself so much that not even a stage full of excellent musicians could help him stand up, speak, or keep it together.

he slurred so badly that not even his band knew what song he was calling out. “this ones called mrrrrrrrhhhhhhhahhhhhh”. which made the band break into “A Pair of Brown Eyes.”

and almost like a stutterrer who sings plainly when he breaks into song, Shane somehow only missed about 25% of the words, but when he sang it was crusty and rickety but solid. he sang two songs, insulted the audience, and walked off to refill his water bottle full of gin. then the band played a tune without him and he’d return for two more tunes and another exit.

the crowd didnt seem to care, which was nice, but this blogger did as it was breaking my heart. i listen to the pogues at least twice a week if not more. particularily if im writing something indepth that requires spell checking and facts. theres nothing better than that traditional irish music sung by that hapless drunk.

to me shane is a true punk rocker. he seriously doesnt give a fuck. he is so loved that they sold out 4 nights here in LA. three at the wiltern and one in the oc.

far be it for me to say “sober up, drunky” but i cant imagine wanting to see that sort of trainwreck again.

tonight im going to the beach to hang with anti and tanky and the pacific. then i will go see a show. maybe rancid who i love. maybe boyz II men. maybe bo brice at the ventura theatre. anything but my hero who is one big boozing fiesta away from the grave.

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