saw a horrible band yesterday

but i drank alot so that was nice. the chick who hung out with me the night i returned home from the road trip called me today to say that it was over between us and i was all thats fine. especially two days from my birthday. super nice.

then she followed it up with an email asking me what i wanted for my birthday.

rich girls who may or may not feel guilty shouldnt really ask people what they want for their birthday since in LA the sky just might be the limit.

but she knows me well enough to know that theres very little that i ask for in life other than a disease free dance parnter now and then, and high speed internet access at all times.

i asked her for a link from her blog.

my mom asked me what i wanted a few weeks ago and i said nothing and she said make an amazon wish list and i did in protest. although it is linked on the left there. no pressure, just sayin. in truth theres pretty much nothing that i want other than peace and quiet. i thought of two books i want to write now.

and i started a new idea the other day.

when the chickie wrote back to me saying that she couldnt link me from her blog because it was tied to the reason why she couldnt dance around on my coffee table any more i asked her to see what she could do about getting flagrant to link to me, if not forever, on my birthday.

am i happy that lou pinella is manager of the cubs? i would have preferred joe girardi since i liked what he did with the no name marlins. however if having pinella means that the cubs will get either a-rod or ichiro i will be happy. although id rather the cubs persue some pitching.

am i happy that christina aguilera tickets go on sale monday at 10am.

since that is the morning after my birthday it will be interesting to see if i wake up in time and remember.

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