this has been a very odd few months

not only did i find heaven in sxsw, a place i vow to go back to each and every year from now on until it gets ruined. which is inevitable because everything dies baby thats a fact but everything that dies some day comes back put your makeup on fix your hair up pretty and meet me tonight in atlantic city.

last night i fixed my hair up pretty and met ms jenn sherry at music plus tv and she interviewed me for an hour and we played videos for the kids and ive gotta say it was pretty much the closest thing ive ever felt to being the most comfortable of all time, and the the closest thing to heaven outside of sxsw.

we sat on a couch, the cameras were locked on us, the dude switched cameras from another room, were were totally alone in a big studio – bigger than E!’s – and it was sooooo quiet that it was perfect. only later near the end of our hour when people from the next show were making noise and distracting me did i feel like it wasnt just me and jenn talking about music in a vacuum.

it was awesome being in that vacuum. fuck studio audiences.

but this studio. it was my dream studio. they had different little mini-sets at each corner. then other sets on each wall. so basically 9 sets under one roof. and they had a stage for a band in one of the corners. jenn told me they have several bands a week that get taped there.

what incredible world is this?

i have always thought how strange it was that there are all these bands who come through LA every day and they probbaly wouldnt mind playing a few songs in front of some tv cameras. it looks like MusicPlus TV is getting some of those bands, but they could get better names if only those bands knew about it.

i told her they should do like an American Bandstand show there.

maybe we could cohost it.

afterwards i took her to dinner and things went so well that we had drinks at the bigfoot lounge and met these kids who were funny. asking us really silly questions about how to hit on girls. jenn said one thing and i told them no shes wrong do the complete opposite. abc always be closing, etc.

they left, we kept drinking, and then they came back an hour or two later. the guy asking the lamest questions we notice all of a sudden has a girl next to him. but next to her is a second guy.

i was all jenn check it out.

so the chick is asian, skinny, has a slip dress on, really short dress. legs all sweet lookin. you know. and shes in the middle of these two guys. sometimes it looks like both dudes are talking to her at the same time, one in one ear one in the other.

then it looks like one dude has his arm on her, then the other guy does, then they both do!

finally the guy who we were giving advice to starts making out with her. the other guy sees it, looks away, drinks, but doesnt move, eventually AS THEY ARE KISSING the non-kissing guy tries to start talking to her.

no matter how much our guy and the chick make out right there at the bar the loser guy stays there and tries to find a way in. at one point our guy sees us watching and commenting and gives us the thumbs up as hes kissing her!

then one of his buddies goes over to the bar to try to distract the loser guy. they talk for a while but then the loser guy – who is way drunk at this point – turns around to the making out couple and tries again to talk with her.

finally we just invite him over to our table and i tell him to pose with jenn.