went to palms thai with a chinese girl

and we saw elvis. he totally had it taken care of. nice suit with bright blue dress shirt and bright blue matching tie. big glasses and perfect posture. the king was strong in him.

we both ate the soup of some young guy and a dish of pad thai. she didnt eat as much as i did because shes a girl. plus someone slipped me a  brownie at the quiznos earlier.

the plan was to eat pie. isnt it always? drove past the house of pies but the parking was full. palms thai had been crowded too we recalled and tried parking in the post office next door but that was packed too. so we parked a little north of the house of pies in the los feliz neighborhood and walked in the cold wind of april.

why do some folk try to pretend theres no global warming, i asked her.

shes tall, was bundled in an h&m hoodie, just laughed.

some people are loud. she wasnt loud. she had strawberry cheesecake and i had the bavarian banana chocolate creme, cuz im watching my figure. and a small glass of milk. her strawberries were still a little frozen, my everything was killer, particularly the view.

i was very nervous. some people are cool when theyre nervous. i am sometimes, wasnt last night. we then drove over to the rustic. someplace shed never been to even though being a native.

some people order girlie drinks, she had the jack n coke. after spicy thai i favor the baileys. once the drinks began everything mellowed out and was good again. even she opened up a little. in truth im only interesting if youve been drinking.

the night ended quite pleasantly at my house. we watched music videos and i kissed her european style. both cheeks. and then was very dissapointed in Lost. not to mention the fraud that is american idol.