for some reason i have the best time with that girl.

yesterday i was down in the dumps. low. i didnt want to go outside and i didnt want to stay where i was. i had been invited to have my name on the guest list for the lemonheads and i had accepted a few days ago, but just as is norm when the time came closer i didnt want to go. particularly because everything had gone wrong all day.

the plan was for karisa to work out after work and i would pick her up at the gym which is very close to where the lemonheads were playing and we would walk down the street and drink to the pleasant music of giant drag, icarus line, and the lemonheads.

at 6 she was all so are going and i was all do you still wanna and she was all its up to you.

its up to me?

if it was up to me people would be required to have a beer and a joint a week. on sundays. youd be forced to go to a bar and have them swipe your drivers liscense and youd have to order a beer of some sort and drink it and say hi to someone.

and if it was up to me i wouldnt have gone to the lemonheads at that moment but i remembered something from a seinfeld episode where jerry told george that since everything usually goes wrong for him that maybe he should just do the opposite of everything he normally does.

so i told her 8? and she said 830? and i said how about 9 and at 910 we had gotten our first 7.50 each beer.

giant drag was eh icarus was horrible and evan dando didnt really seem all that ready to go play coachella. he was nice and all but, maybe you dont have to worry too much when you’re up against rage against the machine.

i love the el rey, i love the lemonheads and i had a really good time tonight but there are a few things id do differently if it was up to me about the el rey.

first thing is id open the balcony even for small shows. also id tell the security people to turn it down one notch. there were like five guys who were so into the lemonheads that they were raising their arms and singing around and then there were the rest of us who were just smiling and gooving along pleasantly.

in a situation like that you should never even notice the security. but last night they were so strict about every little thing that it was using a hammer for a fly situation.

and id knock the drink prices down a notch too. seven fifty for a beer? seven fifty is what you charge phoney assholes at soulless trendy disposable places, not the el rey.

i told karisa about my plan to save westwood. i was all why is it that westwood village, surrounded by affluence and youth, still suffering from some violence that went down in the fucking 80s?

people are falling all over themselves to create fake little westwood villages (the grove) and the real one is sufferring.

karisa said stop right there. she said, i go to school there at night and the traffic is so bad that if you did save westwood i would kill you because the traffic would be impossible.

and of course she was right.

and then she lost her cellphone because i had bad luck yesterday.