ive never been fucked in the ass before

but i imagine its probably like whats been going on over the last six years. some prick creeps up behind you and just keeps gnawing away quietly and so repeatedly you barely even notice.

theyve got the fucking attorney general lying to congress. doing exactly what they try to crucify clinton for – lying under oath. i dont recall is ok once or twice. but even stoners cant claim they forgot what they did at work 55 times.

and if they did, theyd get fired.

the other day i had a fleeting moment where i doubted the existence of God and Heaven. it wasnt a good moment. and now that im back where i belong, i truly hope that theres Hell, and i hope it has its own channel in Heaven, because i cannot wait to see this administration and those who supported them get what they deserve.

next week at this time, if all goes wrong, i will be driving home from coachella.

im not really looking forward to it.

theres something very wrong with me.

i lost my sirius satelite radio on thursday night.

the stilleto that i didnt really like but i used every day. ive also lost my ipod somewhere in this house.

i wonder if the attorney general loses a lot of things with his faulty memory.

i wonder if howard stern will stop taking fridays off now that sirius stock is lower than $3 a share.

i wonder if i misread that email that chick sent me.

i wonder if i misread most of the shit i get sent.

bjork was terrible on snl tonight.