im in vegas, im typing to you outside

its 347am. im with matt good. actually hes asleep because hes a sensitive artist, and im bloggin in my shorts in the back yard next to the pool and hot tub.

we’re in a gated community because matt is getting ready to have a solo tour and a press tour and all this stuff. so he wanted to come down here to vegas to chill out in the desert before the madness starts.

on friday hes gonna stream his album online. and if you listen carefully you might hear yours truly in the stream. actually you wont have to even listen too carefully, all you will have to do is listen and there i will be.

i dont know how much is ok for me to say, so i will wait until i have the ok from mg about the low down. but regardless if youre from canada and love mr good and will be listening on friday then all will be well.

god im delerious. not because we’ve been partyinjg too much or anything. infact i drink and smoke way more than my host, im just exhausted from driving and working and hosting my own bbq on sunday and ahhhhh – i need this backyard of desert zen as much as bro does.

so hopefully i took care of business tonight and i can be a good guest tomorrow. and hopefuly these flying things that have been runninginto my legs arent mosquitoes because in LA we dont have those.

and hopefully i didnt really drive to vegas in 4 hours because if i did then i might be coming here more than i normally do. but im pretty sure i left the house at 2pm and got here at 6pm.

why 2pm and not noon, as i promised matt? oh because i packed up like Everything in my house because im here for almost a week. oh and also because even though my housessitter said she didnt care how dirty i left the place you really shouldnt leave half the stuff out that its my house. i mean, clean my house is disgusting, Lord help the prying eyes who pay attention to that pile in the corner or that buldge in the floorboards.

let me tell you about this one thing before i go to shit its 4am!?!? ok

i was tooling pretty fast on the 210 freeway. not too fast, mom. but pretty fast. you have to because the traffic is gonna hit unless you get out of its way.

and then we hit traffic in the middle of no where and i got really mad.

so i started thinking all these negative thoughts which i Rarely do because i trick myself constantly to think of good things cuz i can spiral down a hole faster than you can say nevermind.

so i thought, shit summers here, lets think about the best kiss that you got all spring.

and people, that was such a great exercise that it made me want to kiss a whole bunch of girls here in vegas so if i hit traffic on the way home i can snap myself out of it again.

for the record my favorite kiss of spring was at sxsw by a girl who i didnt fully appreciate until she was gone and i know you read the busblog still baby so hi and i told you i was a dipshit american loser who you should avoid.

ps if you live in LA, we’re going to have a contest today on LAist to win tickets to see Snoop Dogg at a BET Awards after party. Snoop is going to be backed by his band the Snoopadelics, and opening the show will be Dolemite. the show is tonight, if you live in LA and wanna go, enter!

pps that car above is whats in the garage.

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