in a secret way, its good we had bush cheney

because now we have identified all the pussy ass bitches.

you know, the ones who think that daddy will defend them. the ones who are afraid of liquids on airplanes, michael moore, and cindy sheehan. the ones who pretend that it would have been worse before the so called war with the guy who said its the environment stupid or the one during the war who was an actual war hero.

thanks to bush cheney we know who all the people are who care more about “their” party than the constitution, who were all big fuckin tough guys when they thought they had bill clinton breaing the law, but are suddenly big sweaty vaginas when it comes to the president the vice president the ag the majority whip the minority whip and even rush limbaugh breaking more laws than nwa ever did.

and lets not even mention the torture the secret prisons and all the failed coverups.

this week bush cheney when told that they were caught (again) raping the country pulled the hair harder and shoved their stumps in just a bit deeper.

instapundit tries to spin it by saying, yeah its brutal ass rape


company man all the way.

the pendulum is going to swing back and the great thing about the internet is its all going to be there for everyone to look back at and gasp.

all those people were so wrong, our kids will say.

and we’ll say yep.

and the kids will say, but when did they finally realize how wrong they were?

and we’ll say, babies, they always knew they were wrong. but they just kept letting it happen and kept saying


and kept standing there and watching as the shit went down that had no business going down.

they were not just part of the problem they were the problem.

are the problem.

well, part of the problem, because there are a gazillion people on the other side who are sitting around doing nothing either.

i dont know anything about rape but maybe sometimes when something so wrong happens in front of you you freeze up for a few minutes or something.

one of the best things about michael moores Sicko is that he brought up the fact that the people of France stand up and protest for the things that they want. they cause problems.

now here in LA our cops shot rubber bullets at us but the nra has been passing out guns door to door here in LA and pretty soon we’re all going to have rubber bullet guns to shoot back at the cops.

just like in france.

except just like how they improved cars and the blues and popular dancing, the blacks and mexicans of LA are pimping out these rubber bullet guns super nice.

theyre making them bigger than the cops’

and cooler.

i just got a housesitter. im going to vegas monday morn.

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