sea wolf rules everything

are the kids talking about sea wolf in your town? jenn sherry talked to me about them at sxsw and theres nothin wrong with that girl.

i got their ep soon after and i put it at the end of the new dinosaur and it nice to hit shuffle and write and write and write.

yesterday i took a lost young spirit on a walk around los feliz, atwater, and echo park.

the only time i leave my house is when there are girls over. is that what you call a paradox?

this girl has lived in la her whole life and had never ridden the bus so we took the 181 from los feliz to echo park and she was completely shocked that a bus ran past the bigfoot lodge.

“ive been to this bar countless times and ive never seen a bus go by”.

countless? the bitch is 20.

we walked through the nighborhood and its windy roads and diverse architecture and she was all, walkings weird.

and i held her hand because you know what, walking is weird.

we went to the atwater village street fair and ate free cookies and played with free puppies and ate fifty cent snow cones created by the Teen Club, no kidding, and i worried that she might know someone in the tent

and we took the bus towards echo park and it dropped us off under sunset and we walked up the stairs to sunset and walked past Taix and i said this is the most walking ive done in quite a while and she was all i dont think ive ever walked this much ever

i said didnt you guys run when you were a cheerleader?

and she was all i was never a cheerleader.

which was weird because for some reason i thought she had been one. very perky. very supportive.

and she pulled up the back of the her skirt and flashed a nice bit of ass revealing a scary tattoo of the devil smoking a cigarrette

she said, you couldnt cheer at our school if you had a tattoo.

and i never wanted my name under something more before ever.

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