today is my true loves birthday

she doesnt like being called that but she no longer lives in america thus her freedoms have been stripped from her.

the first thing you would probably notice when you first see her are her big blue eyes. they will entrance you so you look down.

but then you cant really look down, as a gentleman, so you look back up and there they go mezmorizing you.

so you look at her lips.

worst mistake of all.

im pretty sure her parents are reading the busblog today so how do you do mr and mrs s im now going to type very dirty things about your daughter

you might want to look away

i have a photograph of the birthday girl on my wall in my bedroom (not pictured)

its one of my favorite pictures

surrounded by other of my favorite pictures.

theyre in my bedroom because theyre some of the first things that i see every morning and i like it that way.

at the foot of my bed i have a big drew barrymore poster, one of isla vista, and a painting i made on wood with watercolor called bruce sutter plays catch in his back yard.

but next to my door are photos of my friends and some of my exes.

in this picture that i love so is our girl looking up from a menu.

we are about to eat an early dinner next to a canal in amsterdam.

she couldnt look more lovely.

and if you knew her, you could probably detect a slight blush.

shes so demonstrative that the words literally spell themselves out on her forhead

im wasted, bone me

hey tony watch that lady eat

religions for assholes

there was nothing we wouldnt tell each other which is why i think we remain so close.

actually the reason i think we are so close is because all the forces in the universe want it to be that way and theres nothing we can do about it.

she is stuck with me, worlds biggest loser

and im stuck with her, sweetest ass in america africa.

shes blushing because i asked her a very dirty question and shes answering it.

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