we were watching this crazy concert by Jeff Tweedy

on sundance called Sunken Treasure live from the Pacific Northwest where he was getting distracted by this exhuberent crowd that was talking and yelling at him and he was trying to be cool about it but then he just had to lay down the law. then he was all fuckit lets just have a sing-a-long.

maybe its being from chicago but i totally understand tweedys point of view and i can understand the crowds point of view. if im alone i just want to listen but if im with someone cool i will talk in the back.

when karisa and i were just sorta getting to know each other we were at the hollywood bowl and carlos santana was putting on a really bad show because every song sounded exactly like the record and it was boring and too clean and had no soul and no magic so we just went up to the worst seats and talked and talked.

but then i was just at the hollywood bowl for pink floyd and i was really glad that no one was talking because it was fuckin dark side man.

rarely do i procrastinate on things for work but for some reason i wasnt writing these reviews from last week. last week i went to 5 concerts in 5 days which is rare for me because i like to give concert tickets to the writers to let them enjoy the rock, but i had to see these shows. plus i wanted to see these shows.

so yesterday i wrote all five reviews in about an hour. procrastination is sweeping the nation. and its easily defeated.

talked to chris today for hours. f the delay when you call overseas. we kept stepping over each others words.

finally i just said, i bet your thong smells totally different nowadays.

she was all, excuse me, i dont wear a thong out here!

she told me that all the little boys shaved off their hair.

i said because its summer now?

she said hi im at the equator, its always summer here.

i said, because they saw a picture of me and they think im a god?

i never know what to tell her about what shes missing by not being in america. valerie bertinelli is fat and trying to lose 30 pounds off jenny craig? that paris hilton is now going to go on larry king for zero dollars instead of a million on nbc? that bush and cheney are now trying to pretend that theyre not part of the executive branch?

i told her about ron paul.

she said thats nice but if hes so smart why is he aligning himself with the most corrupt political party america has ever had?

and thats why shes my baby.

even though i will probably never smell whats going on down there again.

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