today is me and jeanines anniversary

even though we broke up a long time ago, longer than some of you have been alive. jeanine and i still call each other on st paddys day as thats our anniversary for when we first started going out.

we met in the newsroom of the daily nexus. she was so very shy. she had long hair over her eyes like Cousin It. but she wrote so beautifully that i had to meet her. we went on several dates that were horrible because her wall was up so high.

but then she played guitar for me one rainy day and i saw what was behind that wall and it was wonderful.

so i fed her copious amounts of drugs and alcohol which he asked for, no i swear, and when she was in an acid induced tunnel of possibilities mumbling how much she wanted to break out and reach out i said hmmmm that sounds like a girl who wants to get a kiss and she said some gibberish and i kissed her and every since we have been if not bf/gf the best of friends.

jeanine inspired me so much in my life, i wrote my best poetry because of her, i wrote my best college journalism because of her, and in many ways i learned how to be a better boyfriend because of her. not that im a very good one, but i learned what i need to work on.

if only i had used the time that i was with her to learn how to play guitar, as she is a marvel. and i love her and i miss her and i wish her the best in san dieger.

i love you bay bay!

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