guess who’s engaged?!?!?

youd have a tough time finding two nicer people than big tanky and anti. intelligent, fun, with the heart of punk rockers, from the first time i saw these two kids together i knew they were perfect for each other. they just sorta fit.

today tanky IM’ed me with a simple message “we’re getting married!”

i was all, whoa! nice! congrats!

she later said “we got engaged via messenger in true blogger fashion – you’ll be happy to know! :)”

and recently anti wrote up the whole story on his buzznet blog – because he no longer blogs on blogspot. an excerpt:

So while she was at work, and on gchat we worked it out, i asked her, she said yes, and the ring was bought! We didn’t want them to sell out of this great ring, that had suddenly gone on 25% dicount!!

When she got home from work we talked it out more. I think she was tempted to have us allope to avoid all potential family stuff. But knowing that it means the world to our families and friends, i insisted we go to vegas only to celebrate. And the ceremony has to occur closer to our families so that all interested parties can attend easily.

We then were thinking when she should plan for, and i said summer time-ish, and she said octoberish. Tanky thought summer could work, so because she doesn’t feel like planning for this summer, we thought summer 2009 looked mighty fine.

and so that is it. i asked her on messenger. the ring comes in the mail this friday.

read the whole deal here. and congrats again, friends!

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