hopefully this isnt the first place that you are hearing about this

nine inch nails ghosts now free but if you are, theres some new Nine Inch Nails music for your ass

and its free.

or you can pay $300

or you can pay $10

or you can call me ray

or you can call me jay

or you can call me ray jay

LAist has some of the scoop

Metafilter has some more of the scoop

or you can just go to the NIN web site and try to figure it all out yrself

or you can go to the Pirate Bay and download the free version

or you can go to Amazon for the $5 version

me, i just want some new tom waits music

i gotta say, i sorta got over NiN about a year after all those crazy videos came out. to me it all seemed like the same song. dude screaming about some shit. keyboards getting knocked over. black hair black clothes black noise.

then it became sorta electronic and shit. i didnt get it. still dont get it. whats the big deal. cuz hes hot? how is he hot with short hair?

i heard he has a super hot girlfriend who’s deaf. thats hot. that i can live with.

maybe i will download the record when everyone has it and the bittorent is faster than it is now because who doesnt love passionate crazed fuckthelabels music?

although i didnt get In Rainbows either.

on paper radiohead is fine but im too old for fine. i want great. if God gave you the ability to play guitar then play the fucking guitar. if God gave you a face like Thom Yorke then fucking sing like you have a face for radio.

sing like you mean it. dont wimper. dont mumble. dont not look the camera right in its unblinking eye.

make that fuckr blink.

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