i have some sweet announcements to make

.. ahem

the first is we have have just launched today something im extremely happy about. our friend and yours, Ms Christie St. Martin has been telling us all what is cool and new on the web since her blog All Things Christie. that led to her gig at the Best Week Ever blog, and most recently at Exhausticated.

today we at the LA Times have launched Funny Pages 2.0

we call it that because the Funny Pages of the paper just isnt all that funny any more. what’s funny are the things that you find on YouTube, on the web, and in the blogs. that could be interesting videos, like the one below, wacky pictures, or goofy blogs.


Christie will be blogging every day, several times a day on Funny Pages 2.0 which can be conveniently found at latimes.com/lulz

so please bookmark the page, tell yr friends, and leave comments because i heart christie and i want her to feel at home on our blog roll


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