if a white guy had given this speech they’d have moved up the election so they could vote him in


yes it was that good.

fucker looked that bull in the eye, took him by the horns


didnt blink, and wrestled him down.

some bloggers and naysayers and liars are trying to pretend that this speech wasnt all that. theyre trying to pretend that he missed here or there or whatever,

truth of the matter is the guy they voted for the last two elections could not have pulled this off. the guy they will vote for next time would not have been able to pull this off

and this is exactly the type of stuff that we need from our Presidents: intelligent, insightful, no bullshit messages from a thinking person.

we have had the alternative and unless you own oil companies or euros or haliburton stock, the alternative hasn’t done much for you.

this was exactly the speech that i didnt hear the first two times obama spoke here in LA, and the reason that i wanted to vote for Ron Paul, a man who looked at tough issues in the eye and didnt blink.

i still might vote for ron paul as a write in, because i like to vote for whoever the fuck i want, but senator obama just made it a little harder for me not to look at his name a little longer come november.

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