its late, i need to get to bed because i have a big day tomorrow

but i know you wanna see these old college pics

as you know i had an amazing time in college. i had two sets of friends, my Daily Nexus friends (matt welch, jeanine, amy collins, aj, todd francis, tsar, greg mcilvane, and pretty much everyone in mass media today), and my hippie friends of Thirsty Thursdays.

i loved each of them equally and im still very close to both groups, now some 234953 years later.

both groups are getting back together this summer for reunions because we all havent seen each other in a long time. the Thirsty friends created this Yahoo Group and started uploading pics, so lets just go through a few of them super quick cuz im seriously almost crying cuz i love these so much.

i am so old that the grateful dead were still around when we were in college. yes they were on their last legs, but they were strong last legs. i wasnt super crazy about The Dead but i went to a few shows got experienced, and if theres one thing im grateful of my Thirsty friends is turning me on to the Dead because i love music so much and there really was only one Dead scene, and it was like no other ever before or since.

my friends had a hippie van and drove all over the West seeing shows. many weekends i would hold down the fort back in Isla Vista and get woken up in the wee hours and while they unpacked and tell me stories and we’d drink wine and lay around in blankets and slowly fall asleep as the sun rose. it was super beautiful.

none of us had much money. in fact many days id wake up with a little more than a dollar and be amazed when id fall asleep at night thinking: i ate, drank so much, smoked so much, kissed girls, had a great time, and still had change in my pocket. music filled the days and night. in fact when i got my first financial aid check i bought a great cd player for like $500. then i starved for most of the rest of the quarter.

i didnt date as many girls as i wanted to. but during one little point in time my second year in college i had a little run where i had a date with a different young lady every night for a week. one of my favorite people to go out with was this girl amy, above. she had the most beautiful eyes, and this great style, and this very unique voice. some of my friends teased me by calling her Hi because she said it in such a cute way as we would pass each other.

the weird thing about amy was, far as i could tell, we were attracted to each other but when we went in to kiss each other some bizarro force field got in there and it was almost exactly like two magnets of the same polarity: theyd get close but the closer they got the harder it was to touch. we had many dates and hardly anything ever happened, but i loved being around her. she was such an odd mystery and this picture blows my mind cuz i remember that night so perfectly.

here we are with bill and his girlfriend karen. bill is such a talented artist. i had him design the cover of Friday Magazine for me when i was editor of that magazine. bill would get so wasted that he would mumble and we called it Bill Speak. he loved REM almost as much as he loved the Dead. and he was one of the few kids from chicago. karen had an amazing body. not that i know that first hand. or anything.

there was a stretch of time when i think i was drunk or buzzed every day for about a year. alcoholics? no, gauchos.

i have never seen this picture before, that i remember. but its so symbolic. the beautiful blonde the finger is pointing to is Ann who was sorta my girlfriend one summer. i had a terrible relationship with her because i had a crush on her roommate uzi. but uzi was taken and ann had great taste in music and was super close to callie, my roommate. however it was the first time i experienced what people meant by The Thrill of the Chase. because ann liked me, i was turned off, and almost any picture you see of me with her i have that pissed off look on my face. like, fuck her for liking me. how dare she! people are so dumb, we chase the ones who hate us and hate the ones who love us. bottom right is greg vaine who now fronts the beautiful band the hollow trees.

our group was so close that right before we all had to go home for christmas we had an impromptu dress up christmas party. hippies dressed up looks like the most rag tagged group of kids ever. theres a better pic of that night somewhere, but whatever.

hey here it is! hi people!

its hard to say which of our friends has turned out the most successful. pretty much everyone had done well. but the one person im the most happy about is my old roommate chris who has had successful businesses, has two great kids, a wife who he proposed to in the amazon, an amazing house in venice, and laker season tickets.

he also taught me how to skateboard and was part of many of my most memorable experiences on dp and above it. ive been quite blessed in my life. but one thing thats different with me since those days:

i no longer wear a swatch.

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