saddest sight in texas are all these posters

of the matt good show that was canceled cuz our hero got some seriously bad food poisoning in LA of all places!

someone started putting them up yesterday and i sorta wanna nab one because they will be collectors issues to you wacky cannucks cuz how many matt good shows has he had to cancel ever in america? two, three?

its 342am and the day started off pretty bad. lots of work fires to put out, lots of technical difficulties, lots of weird extraneous shit that made me wanna go back to the pipe, but i stuck in there and had a little help from my friends, and in the midst of it i tried to enjoy the rock but i couldnt. i needed to write. i needed to write it all down. all of it.

some people vomit when the evil is inside them, some take big huge diarrhea shits. some people pick fights or beat people up, some declare war on sovereign nations even if they didnt september eleventh us.

bloggers blog.

unfortunately this blogger has such a high profile job and such a loyal and unbelievable cult fanfollowing that today i had to start another secret blog just so i could vent and get it out there and hug it out bitch.

the weird thing for me and writing is its almost like prayer. i say all the bad shit and in the middle something magical happens like when you make jiffy pop popcorn. you get it going and soon everything warms up and then shit starts popping then EVERYTHING starts popping and then everythings done except for a few more morsels and then youre done.

so in that way its like a gigantico poop fest too. except at the end of a good blog session you might even learn something about yourself, your condition, and life in general. sometimes the angels above do a lil ghost writing just because they see an open door into this world and theyre all check one two i wanna send a shout out to pookie, lil red, and my homie slice k. whaddup my negroes! because sometimes they rock like that.

and the angels know my frequency all too well. when i was younger it freaked me out. i guess in some ways it still freaks me out because i dont tap into it as much as i should but whatevs they know im a flawed individual, but i mean no harm. they know that im on the a team. they know im down for whatevah. they know im here for the army of lightness and im ready to shove some of the good news up the asshole of evil and light a match. they know i was tempted to smoke some of the copious amounts of weed i was handed and i said uh huh i made a deal with the lord and he made a deal with me.

and after i refused the temptation i got to see: the ting tings, and then interview them, quiet company and then take pics with leah, rogue wave, do i offend you yeah, santogold, the cribs, be your own pet, j mascis, thurston moore, and n.e.r.d.

all after i was about to just inhale exhale and hang out at the hot tub with all the fine ladies and my big fat beer belly of hate.

which is xtra hairy with cheese.

the devil wants you to sell out and quit america. the devil wants you to take the road most traveled. the devil wants you to give up and give in to whats easy whats sleezy and whats wrong. the devil does not want you to write down a list of your dreams and he sure as shit doesnt want you to actually work on making them come true one after another.

devil wasnt no where near j mascis tonight as he sat down in a chair and changed the world with an acoustic guitar that sounded almost exactly like hendrix’ stratocater. fucker basically said i know thurston is coming up next with a full band i think im gonna show jr how its done while sitting and avec nylon strings. bizitch.

devil wasnt anywhere near be your own pet who convulsed all over that very same mohawk stage and let it all come out. those were angles making the lil girl howl those were angels pulling her insides out. that was the gospel she was preaching. you can tell because people stood there unable to say fuck although thats exactly what they were thinking.

the devil loves us but the lord loves us more and for all the right reasons which is why he wants us to get that second wind of love,

strap back on that fanny pack of hope and skateboard the tightrope to hell and back and tell your brothers and sisters what youve learned.

and the lesson today is

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