today is lauren pony’s birthday

she is now 21.

lauren pony keeping it real

when we first met lauren she was blogging with her sister kristin on the sweet blog madpony.

if memory serves, the busblog was their first permalink which is how we found the fifteen year old and her barely legal sister.

as time has passed the girls have won awards, gone to college, gone to law school, and have turned into fine young ladies. total southern belles and beautiful examples of oklahomas finest.

according to laurens facebook, last night she purchased her first legal lite beer.

megan and i went to a gas station and purchased one budzilla after midnight. unfortunately, he did not ID me, but i offered him my ID anyway. i then did the birthday dance and flounced out of the gas station. megan took a photo with me and my budzilla. truly a memorable moment in history right here.
In this photo: product that i can buy because i am 21 (photos), Lauren

how time flies since the first time she was interviewed on the busblog.

happy birthday blonde pony! kiss yr sister for us!

*if you missed the madpony experience, you can catch some of it via the Wayback Machine (hint June 17, 2004 was their last post)

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