because my life is super bizarre

i was given a car to drive to coachella

i may have told you about it.

nizzan 350z.

and because the Lord loves me i was also hooked up with a bunch of cool folk from frisco, all web folk, who had a killer pad in La Quinta.

and because of the matt good + raymi + duane + oh canada + blogging community, i got to know ms suzie reynolds who flew to cali to rock out in the desert with me, as i wrote about the concert.

today the LA Times’ auto blog Up To Speed, published my review of the 350Z.

at first i did all the things that i was trained to do: keep it about the car, write about the features, explain the benefits, be critical, dont write about myself. but my editor Joni said, “yo tony, hate to say it, but this is going to be a series About the people and how the cars fit into Their lifestyle. so tell us about the concert and the girl and your experience. write about you. you have a great life, one that people would drool over, so tell them how that car fit into it. anyone can write about cars in a vaccum, so tell us about this car in a different way.”

so if you go here, you will see what i wrote, the way she wanted it. it was awkward doing it, but sorta easy once i got rolling.

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