guess who has a new blog?

yep, the LA Times

probably the best kept secret on the interwebs is that one of the most popular sections of one of the most popular news web sites is created by omg our readers.

every month millions of pages are clicked in our user generated section called Your Scene. last october people uploaded tons of photos documenting the fires that ravished lots of LA. in novemember the traffic went down a little, but when we noticed that the more we allowed my coworker Lindsay to curate the galleries the more people returned to Your Scene.

over the last few months we’ve had record breaking growth at YS so we decided to start using our readers’ pics more often in our blogs. two of our most popular blogs, LA Now and LA Land use the pics wonderfully and we hope to see that trend continue.

because Lindsay often spins her seat around and says Tony, you HAVE to see this picture! i said we HAVE to get you a blog so that you can show everyone, not just me, whats going on in these galleries.

thus the Your Scene blog was created. Lindsay and former Blog Editor Bettie Rinehart, who also helped initially launched Your Scene, run the blog, wonderfully.

go for the photos, stay for the headlines, and the morning adorable.

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