I’m in los angeles city hall.

The line to talk about tax and taxes is long. So long that the guy who says 40 has to say 41? 42? Because people just can’t wait all day and they leave and kill themselves. The trees around city hall should be palm trees to prevent the suicide hangings.

I have to prove that the busblog is not a business. Shouldn’t be hard cuz I haven’t had any good amount of ads here in a long time and even then it wasn’t like I was rolling in it.

Anyway this waiting room is a good reason against socialized Medicine. The people arent friendly they make you feel like you’re supposed to know all the rules. They don’t seem to care about all the people waiting. 43 my number is 56. I don’t blame the workers bc they have up incentive to make this faster nicer funner. There’s no music here on any level no song in peoples voices no nothing. Its like the DMV but slower and sadder. 43. I think I want a nap

Update: disregard all of my whines. I was treated so kindly. The woman who helped me was do smart. This city rules and now I look forward to socialized meds if this I’d what it can be like. Seriously.

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