she wants to go home

saddest thing i can ever hear is when she says she wants to go home
cuz that means what you think it means
it means shed like to tap out.
once upon a time i knew someone who wanted that and they tried it.
only problem was the angels were all yeah naw.
and i wanted to tell her that when i was in highschool id drive through the cornfields
look into the sky and say im ready to get picked up whenever you dudes find me
cuz i felt like an alien sometimes. i felt like a ufo.
ultra fuckedup outsider.
so i know how she feels
except the bad thing for her is i dont know if theres a california for her to escape to
to fit in with.
i dont know if its actually the place for her the way it was for me.
i think its something else.
what if your dream is to be a midget in the circus but youre almost six feet tall
what if what’ll save you is to be the next qb of the packers but youre a girl
what if the answer is to bowl more or to snowboard
what if the key to the universe is in the dumpster outside your apartment
but you dont do a lot of dumpster diving
any more.
what if you feel like everything you say will come out wrong
so you dont say anything.
when deep down all shes thinking is say anything.
she asked, why do people reproduce
i said youre asking the wrong man
she asked whys everyone so set on marriage
i was all, again, dont ask me
she asked why if you have all the answers are you alone
i said in la youre never alone
which is why i belong here.

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