Thanks to the glory of YouTube we can now see all this footage

from Disco Demolition. It was a double header between the White Sox and the Baltimore Orioles. Basically if you brought a Disco album you got in for 98 cents. It was put on by Steve Dahl, then, of the Loop FM. After they blew up the records there was a lil riot and they had to cancel the second part of the game.

So that was most of the blowin up part. I was always under the impression that Immediately after the records blew up everyone went nuts, but based on that video that wasnt the case. The riot happened much later.

Who was that blonde woman Loreli? She did this popular commercial where she lip-synced (poorly) the biggest songs of the day:

And she filled out the famous Loop shirt beautifully.

The kids dont wear tshirts of radio stations any more, do they?

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