i can has homepage


i swear i had nothing to do with this

not even in the slightest.

but i am laughing my cheezburger off

somewhat because the predictable haters will have a little ammo to pretend that omg this is the end of the worldz

but mostly because its proof that the show must go on in regards to telling our readers whats going on in the world, and that little website (the one with the cats who cant spell very well) is a damn phenomenon and its praise is overdue.

technorati yesterday gave its State of the Blogosphere. one of the more interesting things is that technorati discovered that in the last 24 hours about 900,000 blogs posted new content. thats more competition than tv, newspapers, radio, has ever had, combined.

of that new content, the LOL cats are in the technorati top 10 (and have been there for a while) meaning that they can count the blogs that are more popular than them on two paws.

we at the Times are thrilled and still a little stunned that out of 100 million blogs we have one in the technorati top 100, meanwhile those little kitties are still mopping the floor with us no matter how much marketing, no matter how much support, no matter what we cover, no matter how great our writers are.

that frigging kitteh blog is just lulzing its way to teh banks.

good for them.

they found a niche, they hit a sweet spot, and they didnt mess it up. bravo.

ive been more and more impressed by usc lately

not just because they keep inviting me to annenberg to speak

not just because their football team is amazing

and not just because ive always been slightly fascinated by their marching band

but check out this interesting tidbit caught by Adam Rose – former LAist sports editor and current LAT blogger of the All Things Trojan blog – the Red Hot Chili Pepper bassist Flea is a freshman at USC – studying music!

The 45-year-old is listed as an “undergraduate visitor” in USC’s Thornton School of Music. Balzary probably has a leg up on most of his classmates, considering he founded the Silverlake Conservatory of Music and, oh, yeah … is a rock icon. While he’s on campus several times per week, don’t expect any dorm sightings — Flea’s a commuter student.

Besides collaborating with legendary artists like Jane’s Addiction, Nirvana, and Alanis Morisette, Balzary has appeared in The Big Lebowski, My Own Private Idaho, and one of the Back to the Future movies. His latest “appearance” was at USC’s football practice — he stopped by after class because he heard a commotion. The Trojans were playing simulated crowd noise to mimic their upcoming road trip to Oregon State, and the practice field is adjacent to the music school.

Adam also runs the Times’ UCLA blog, so when Jimmy Page enrolls over there expect to hear it on What’s Bruin first.

roger ebert on Creationism through q and a

but first this old clip where he makes fun of religion

in his sunday column for the chicago sun-times (i wonder if it made it in print) the author of Your Movie Sucks presented questions and answers in regards to Creationsim. here are some examples:

Q. Were there ice ages lasting millions of years?

A. No, but a recent and catastrophic Ice Epoch.

Q. Did the Colorado River carve out the mile-deep Grand Canyon over eons?

A. It was the result of Ice Epochs, the Great Flood and other catastrophes within the last 64 to 100 centuries.

Q. Was there a Noah, and did he have an Ark?

A. Certainly. There are many unverified reports of a massive wooden vessel on Mount Ararat. The Arc contained eight people, from whom we are all descended. It also contained two of each kind of animal. Since living species were obviously not created through an evolutionary process, every surviving land-based mammal species (about 5,400) had both ancestors on the Arc.

Q: What about dinosaurs?

A. They walked the earth at the same time as man, but were wiped out by the Flood, whose turbulence buried their bones in non-sequential sediments.

rarely will i link to the sun-times, as they seem to favor the white sox, but this column is amazing, to say the least.