billy corgan sings ac/dc for italians in the streets

cougar had me watch bee movie with her.

it was one of those nights when everything was all ready done. ate. drank. “talked”. played scrabble. “talked” a second time.

then we looked at the clock and it was only 11pm.

most of the time i can peace out and drive home and play madden on my psp or something but the weathers nice and her windows were open and for some reason i wanted to stay.

perfect feeling of not *having* to stay, not wanting to leave, not caring one way or another. which is rare with the cougar. maybe it was the linguini with clam she made and the wine. it sat real nice.

so we watched bee movie, which i had heard was horrible. turned out it wasnt horrible in the slightest. actually it wasnt bad at all. it was borderline good. which was exactly what the night was like.

after the movie we talked some more watched snl which also wasnt horrible and i peaced out at 3am and here i am and a nice fan of the busblog sent me this link to this video and i gotta say, this weekend was fantastic and its only saturday night.

the afternoon started with getting to say hi to shepard fairey at his book signing at wacko where he called me the real deal to this kid. i’ll tell you, thatll put a smile on a dudes face.