if youre lucky enough to score an apartment on the 6600 block of Sabado in Isla Vista

you might find a need to sublet it over the summer. looks like this lovely group of Irish kids had a summer sublet there and were nice enough to put up some vids on YouTube

this ones called American Birthday:

this ones called Niamh impregnating Olieph

this one doesnt have a title but it gives you a great idea of what IV apartments look like, naturally, after being partied in by anyone, Americans or Irish alike

i cant tell you how happy these vids made me, in that nothings changed in the 93117 other than the accents.

next step, the supreme court

exclusive interview with kristin madpony, esquire

me: everything ok in ok?

madpony: guess who passed the bar exam! (yes.. we are so far north, we are fine. it’s drizzling.)

me: yay and yay!!! whoooo hoooo!!!!

madpony: thank you1

me: what sorta law will you wield?

madpony: litigation. civil litigation mostly. a little government stuff and white collar crime

me: nice – how did you learn that you passed the bar? is there an email? a letter?

madpony: they post it online

me: how modern! how did you celebrate?

madpony: i didn’t really. i had a lot of fun the night before.
way too much fun. so i spent the evening in bed. reading a book. feeling lucky. pretty lame i know

madpony thru the years on the busblog:

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