because the Lord loves us

but me specifically

he made me want to drink apple juice this morning. a beverage i love every morning.

in fact one reason that i am rarely sick is due, i believe, to positive thinking, and a constant intake of 100% apple juice every day.

as i was waiting for the elevator, i noticed it was taking a long time to arrive on my floor. i also noticed that the other elevator was being held on the 6th floor for a very long time.

the 6th floor at the LA Times is a really cool level where they routinely lease out for movies, commercials, and music videos cuz its super beautiful up there and no one works there any more, and you can do a lot of things with it.

you can also rent it out for big bucks if you’re trying to be creative with how to make income.

i got in the elevator and saw a sign that said “Bone Deep, 6th Floor” and i chuckled because i finally understood the joke my coworker had made when he said they were filming a porn upstairs. i was bummed that i hadnt brought my iPhone so i could take a picture for the busblog.

got off on the first floor and who looked right at me with her soft brown eyes?

none other than my girlfriend Rihanna. looking amazing.

anyone who knows me knows im rarely speechless, let alone starstruck, but there she was, looking hotter than anyone ive ever met or seen in any elevator ever. even megan fox who i rode with in the palms a year ago last week in vegas at the vmas with karisa.

“we’re getting on the elevator” her handler said into a headset. i slipped out, her 400lb security guard kept the door open, rihanna returned to her Sidekick, she smiled, fainted a little in my heart.

and the rest of the day has been a little dream knowing that one floor above me is my Jamaican princess. yes, with her bf chris brown, but we will forget that detail.

and yes my apple juice was delish.