thelonius monster “sammy hagar weekend”

im a little depressed tonight. nothing serious. nothing to comment on. just the true love. she told me that she was not only moving to my most hated city on the planet, but that she had found another. hasnt been back in america for more than a few months, and spent most of that time in oregon, yet has found another to love. annoying. some say im to blame. some say i pushed her away by being honest with her and pledging my allegiance and by stating the obvious which is sure time has passed but we still have something special, something rarer than rare. something that defies all space and time.

her beautiful blue eyes said yes but her mouth said no. and it smiled when it said no. indeed it laughed because thats what happens when you lie thru yr teeth.

run to san dieger beautiful angel. fly away to the arms of america. cant run forever. and you know noone has what ive got. one day we will be in walkers but because im black i will have a step on her and i will push her walker over and make love to her right there in the rec room at the old folks home in front of everyone. no little blue pills needed. some might be ingested, of course, cuz if youre gonna put on a show make it a good one, but none will be needed.

back in olden times when mtv played videos that helped you learn about new music, theyd have these Weekends. like occasionally itd be a Michael Jackson Weekend and all theyd do is play all these vids from the kingofpop, sometimes itd be a Madonna Weekend, and you’d get to see everything she had come out with. i dont know if they ever really had a sammy hagar weekend because other than 1-2-3 lock box and i cant drive 55 i dont know if they coulda had even a sammy hagar hour unless they counted all that crap that pretended to be van halen.

which is why i love thelonius monster for this song. which captures a beautiful slice of a beautiful time in southern california and maybe the world. a time when boys had “little tiny baby moustache”s and smoked pot and drank beer and sat in the parking lot of anaheim stadium. a time when football arenas werent renamed to be ads for crap. a time when true loves didnt move to the 619 without really giving the ones who they really loved a chance first.

i know ive had lots of chances. more than i deserve. but on any given sunday even a blogger can do the right thing. even a washed up one. even me.

to cheer up i ate sushi with two lovely ladies and then got wasted at this pool party at the custom hotel. sorta worked. but tonight it stopped working when there was a moment of silence in this empty house and i realized that someones spooning her in the darkness and whispering dirty jokes tonight and making her laugh.

and that person doesnt have a blog.

Well It’s a sammy hagar weekend
it’s a sammy hagar state of mind
it’s a sammy hagar weekend
it’s a sammy hagar way of life
we’re gonna drink some beer
smoke some pot
snort some coke
and then drive
drive over 55
’cause it’s a sammy hagar weekend
it’s a big man’s day

we got our metallica t-shirts
got our little tiny baby mustache
got a jacked up camaro
we’re sitting in the parking lot at anaheim stadium
drinking beer
smoking pot
snorting coke
and then drive
drive over 55 yeah
’cause it’s a sammy hagar weekend

it’s a big man’s day

we’re gonna drink some beer
smoke some pot
snort some coke
and then drive
drive over 55 yeah
’cause it’s a sammy hagar weekend
it’s a big man’s day

a sammy hagar weekend
a sammy hagar weekend yeah

just cruisin’ and boozin’ yeah
on a sammy hagar weekend yeah
a sammy hagar weekend

a big man’s day

johnny mathis singing the national anthem

before yesterdays bears victory

i love it when people sing the national anthem.
i love ginormous american flags
i love really crappy amateur camerawork
i love that peyton manning thought he didnt need to play any pre-season games
i love when people in the worst seats in the stadium shoot video
i love indoor fireworks

but most of all i love that da bears are 1-0 thanks in part to great defense.

also, i didnt think that johnny mathis was still alive. is that wrong?

lil brotha

yesterday was a big tv day. lots of football. lots of morning political talk shows.

but then there was also the VMAs!

i thought kanye was aaaah-ite. but lil wayne kicked buttocks.

swore. threw down. held his junk. brought up how janet lost her top at the superbowl (an mtv production), and somehow scampered about with his lil ass sticking out of his pants, but never had his pants actually fall off. tough trick, lemme tell you.

i also thought the host was funny. whatever his name is.

but back to the lil wayne bit above, at the end did he say, “shout out to matt damon”?

is jimmy kimmel everywhere?

big brotha

whats blogging life after Defamer? thankfully, it’s just as funny. hopefully not as stressful. but for readers, it’s just as delightful.

almost every day Mark Lisanti posts something short but interesting on his new blog Lisanti Quarterly. it’s on the Tumblr platform which is the short attention span format and the former defamer editor works it beautifully.

yesterday he posted this video of the Barack Roll if it were to have happened in minnesota last week.

if only the hacker kids werent slackers deep down. but i guess mccain entertained enough on his own. my only question is, what ever happened to the Ron Paul revolution that promised to make some noise at the con?

i was sorta looking forward to that.