today is marilyn monroes birthday

shes 24.

when i first moved to LA i spent a lot of time on the wesssside where i lived, rarely venturing to downtown or hollywood.

although i was limiting myself, i did learn a lot about all the hidden gems of west la, venice, santa monica and westwood.

probably the best hidden gem in westwood is the Pierce Brothers Memorial Park which is the final resting stop for many hollywood stars like Dean Martin, Natalie Wood, Peggy Lee, Eve Arden, Carl Wilson, Eva Gabor, Truman Capote, and the little blonde girl from Poltergeist.

it’s also where Marilyn was laid to rest and where joe dimaggio would send weekly roses.

its free to get in, if you can find it, and one really sweet afternoon ashley and i took a little field trip there as she was and is a huge fan of the blonde bombshell.

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