yes i used to be hairier

yes i used to be skinnier. yes i used to pal around with hippies in berkley as they celebrated their children’s birthdays

and now im someone who sees a film like The Hangover and i fall asleep for a few minutes and i wake up rested and i think mmmmm maybe some junior mints would get this bad taste out of my mouth. and then i nod off again. but just until someone yells or a car crashes on the screen.

wanna know why sometimes the comments are the best part?

cuz say you have an arts blog. one that handles opera and ballet and paintings and stuff.

then say you have comments on this blog.

then say someone knows something about something and they wanna tell you and your blog: so they put it in the comments WHERE IT BELONGS!

then say you read the comment, call the people involved, oh like the Orange County Museum of Art who just sold close to a million dollars in cali impressionistic art, who then admit to it!?!?

well, if youre a newspaper blog, suddenly you have what they call a scoop

and if youre a good newspaper blog that scoop leads to a sweetass followup

which is what happened on Culture Monster today, which is why im so proud of them. which is why i decided to put this pretty picture of me next to it all, cuz back then i was muy impressionistic.

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