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Sarah: What’s more effective for girls: laying it all out there or playing hard to get?

life is way too short for playing hard to get. lay it out there, see what happens, collect yr winnings.

Gage: I have a time machine. 1885, 1985, 2085… which one do you want to spend a week in and why?

i was so shy in 1985. and awkward. and so completely clueless. id like to do some of that over.

katie: if i blog about it…..will it come true?

has for me!

sass: What or whose smell are you most attracted to?

i like a little cigarette smoke in a girls hair.

anti: rank the top 5 most important news stories during the past week, and explain why you ranked them that way.

1. lakers world champs. what was it, like two years ago when kobe was asking to be traded? and phil is getting paid and he gets away with dating the bosses daughter. and somehow the lakers have gotten away with getting pau in that trade. and even without a totally healthy young stud center, the lakers have been to the finals twice in two years and last night finally won. its important for three reasons. it proves that phil can do it with only one full blown superstar. it proves that kobe can do it without shaq. and it proves that the nba isnt rigged – it was a boring fast finals and it wasnt kobe vs lebron.

2. More porn HIV cases disclosed. although the porn industry said there had only been 1 HIV case in the last 5 years, the LA County health department told the times that there have been at least 16. our total was 22. poor porn.

3. A hunt for Beau Brummell, at bargain prices. there are these stores everywhere claiming $99 suits or 3 suits for $299, etc. so steve lopez gets a $49 and $99 suit. funny video. and since we’re in the great depression, part two, its handy.

4. LAPD detective charged with capital murder. this makes her eligible for the death penalty if shes found guilty. death pentalty for a cop is mighty serious biz.

5. UCLA Undie Run: Who are you wearing? the future leaders of the world tell you what underwear they chose to flaunt drunkenly around their beautiful campus

Ali: 1. How does a sensitive, emotional scorpio girl harden herself to not be pushed around by work-related bullies? 2. What’s your favorite bedroom toy?

just know that emotion is inappropriate in the work place. my wii.

zona: have you ever been experienced?

dude. but the best thing about all that is this. real life is crazier and more beautiful and more vibrant than anything youre talking about. which isnt at all a diss to the subject.

katie: is rev run a real reverend? does it matter?

he is. it does. and its interesting that despite the fact that he helped contribute some classic music and timeless sounds, so many people i talk to mention the fact that he produced some super hot daughters.

timmay!!!!!: 1. have you seen what boston has done to new york this year?
yes, but – never mind
2. red sox-dodgers world series?
red sox – cubs, thank you
3. if so, who wins?
cubs sweep
4. favorite company in northern california?
my first computer was a IIc, ive had two ipods and three iphones, and im typing you front a macbook pro
5. wanna go see AC/DC in september?
yes but i think im seeing 10 other concerts in septemeber
6. fruits or vegetables?
the only fruit i like are bananas
7. why does san diego smell like whale vagina?
since i hold my nose at even the thought of that vile burg i never notice any aromas
8. did you know bigtanky is laughing right now?
ah what a beautiful thought
9. when you have bosses that keep giving you more and more work under impossible deadlines, what do you do?
listen to triumph: fight the good fight
10. have you ever been to japan?
no but when i was in sixth grade i was obsessed with Osaka for some reason.
11. did you read bill simmons latest column on ESPN?
no. west coast bias.

Butterfly Karma: Have you ever gone to Burning Man? If you haven’t, would you ever consider it?

i have always been curious about burning man. from what i hear youre supposed to be naked and wasted for three days, which i could probably adjust to, but that music is damn near the worst thing humans have ever created. not water bottles, not plastic grocery bags, not global warming: electronica. if they had a hard rock heavy metal burning man – you know, actual music – id be right there.

pitt: what gives?

the weak

g/d: sooner or later leaving Montreal for the fine, fine arts scene. what do you think New York or L.A?

ive been to new york a few times. one time i met a girl at a meet up, got kissed on the cheek by roommates, and spent the night with one of them. ive seen cool bands there, met famous people, drank all night – and loved it. but LA is my lady. probably because of the punk rock to fine arts ratio.

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