my man scott sterling was telling me how good Phoenix was on Sunday at the Wiltern

and he really went off saying how great it was that after the show was over the sound guy blasted two michael jackson tunes and everyone started dancing and didnt stop.

today Lindsay over at LAist posted some video on her review of the show

It is, I’d wager, impossible to dispute that this was a phenomenal show. In perusing message boards and chatting with others in attendance Sunday night, the consensus is that this show has set for many a new bar when it comes to live gigs in venues on par with the Wiltern, and many will enthuse that this was the best they’d ever seen Phoenix. I would concur, and yet, am of dual mind on the matter, because I sorely missed songs like “Victim of the Crime,” and “Everything is Everything,” which could have blended well into the mix of songs on the evening’s set list. It was an incredible show, and it will be interesting to see how the band takes to the stage come September at the Greek, in a recently announced return visit to Los Angeles.

When the lights flooded the inside of the Wiltern and the band was long gone off stage the energy in the room was palpable, and translated into something wholly emblematic of the time in which this show occurred: an impromptu dance party to Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You,” and “The Way You Make Me Feel,” thanks to the savvy of the person in charge of the venue’s sound system.

looks like i might have to catch that greek show, despite the fact that So Many great shows are happening in september.

holy crap have i really not blogged all day?

shows you how busy ive been at work. we’ve been redesigning things, trying to remain the primary source for all things jackson, and continuing to generally rule.

enough about work, lets talk about shopping for, killing, and then eating lobster with karisa.

on friday karisa was all what are you up to? and i was all, i have the possibility to go out with a girl AND her roommate.

she was like, why do you wanna do that? i was all, cuz at my age i want challenges sometimes. some days i want everything super easy, other days i like —

karisa interrupted by saying yeah yeah blah blah less talk more coming over here and having dinner with me.

regular busblog readers will know that usually dinner with tony and karisa involves sushi of some sort. but i was bored of sushi. so i said how about Crab! but karisa is always conscious of what is IN the food and she said that crab is usually prepared with mayo or some sort of fatty sauce. being from Mass she said hey what about lobstah?

i was all, do i look like im made of money? she was all, if we buy it at the store i will make it for us and i even have a nice bottle of champagne. sorry roommates but that offer is a little too good to pass up. so i jetted across town because apparently you cannot buy fresh lobster 1 mile from the ocean after 9pm.

got to karisas, she hopped into the ride, we sped over to Ralphs, where the dude was awaiting and as he fished out the two live lobsters karisa shopped for the accouterments: baked potato, chives, sour cream, fake butter. the dude put the lobsters into separate plastic bags, poked holes in the bags, then put those bags into another bag and poked holes in that too.

made our way to the cashier who was decked out with tattoos and she was all “i need help at register 12”. i was all, what for? she was like, no way am i gonna scan those live lobsters. i dont even wanna touch them! so i said, i will scan them for you.

and i got the bag of live ‘sters and dragged them and BEEP and i was all, there you go. she complained again saying it was “soooo sad” and i was thinking “listen missy, this whole store is filled with animals that were alive either yesterday or earlier this week, dont you and your bad tattoos JUDGE ME for buying things live! there is no difference!!!”

i repeated that to myself when it was my turn to get those suckers in the boiling water.

what helped was that karisa had first put the guys in the freezer. “it’ll stun them and they will fall asleep” she said. and it did kinda work. one guy was barely moving when i slipped him into the hot tub of death. the other guy wasnt stunned at all, but also didnt struggle much.

in retrospect it was a little sad. but i kept telling myself, odds are they were born and bred in a lobster farm. they wouldnt have existed if they werent bread to be food. and in minutes they will be food.

and boy were they. soooooooooooo good!