i was stuck in traffic the other day and i saw this out my window

seems like everyone is reviewing funny people. today the times gave it a meh, the weekly gave it a meh, but the only person i really agreed with was my man LYT over at eonline, and one of the commenters over there – the one near the bottom who saw a screening the last week:

I saw a screening of this movie last week. I laughed. I cried. It is very long though. I usually don’t like Adam Sandler, but he was pretty good in this. Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill play the type of characters they usually do. Leslie Mann was fantastic. Eric Bana was great, I hope to see him in more comedic roles in the future.

i would add that the alterna chick was really funny too.

i would also add that yes its long, and some of that length is pretty much unnecessary, but it made me think “whats your damn rush?” the people are enjoyable to watch, the story is good, and its funny, so why do i need everything to end already.

plus the music is terrific.

update: i also agree with josh tate of LAist: “True, Funny People is not Apatow’s funniest film, but — true also — it is his best.”

last night i got to hang with mr taco stand

longtime reader of the busblog, husband, father, even grandfather, dan is on a birthday road trip around the west and took my advice and stayed at the Motel 6 near hollywood and highland and says its definitely worth the $75 a night.

we were supposed to meet around 7, but i was still in the dentist chair at 8:15pm, but dan is an honorary member of the xbi and knew i was in good hands and took the extra time to take pics of hollywood blvd – and meet Jesus.

seems like lately everyone has been asking me where to eat Chinese around hollywood and highland, and other than kung pow kitty which is ok, i dont know of anything really great around there (business idea?), so we went to Palms Thai to say hi to Thai Elvis.

dan and i gorged on tom kah kai soup and deep fried frog legs.

safe travels back to the homefront mr dan! and as always keep blogging.

photo of Thai Elvis by Mr. Lilly