the problem is very simple. i am a very weird man.

for example, the one thing i like better than blogging, is taking photos for this blog.

and yet here i had a trip to vegas and of course i leave my camera in my desk at work.

therefore all i had was my iphone to document the weekend.

we stayed at the luxor, because im also a cheapskate, and they had this great deal

every other hotel for the fourth was two hundred a night but luxor had all u can eat all day

and two tickets to chriss angel, vip entrance to each of their clubs, and tix to the bodies world exhibit and this thing called treasures of the titanic.

but all we wanted to do was hang out at the pool and drink

soon as we got there these two offered a round of malibu and coke gratis

i said only if i can take yr picture.

later these other women had some mikes lemonade. those plus two margaritas plus a quick dinner made us wanna dance next door at The Hotel

64 stories above the vegas strip.

since it was the fourth of july there were fireworks viewable, despite the strip

but its the food im sure you care about. all you can eat breakfast lunch and dinner

they gave you a wristband so they knew you were good.

all sorts of food, even grits, even piles of cocktail shrimps, even dessert.

we went to the chriss angel show and i cant say ive ever hated life so much for two hours despite being buzzed full and a tad richer because of the roulette

yet after the show my truest and i were angry.

so angry.

we got stuck in a little sunday afternoon traffic that made it so a 15 mile stretch of desert took an hour and a half to traverse.

yet we still werent even half as angry about that as the time spent in the presence of Chriss Angel

i touched the most valueable wristband of the week

and then i took a picture of it for you.

yes even though we work at the local paper, if you want to go to the big event tomorrow you had to do what 1.6 million people did – you had to throw your name into a hat.

an unknown staffer here won one of the 10,000 wristbands and it was pretty awesome watching people who have seen it all suddenly see something this rare.

figured id share it with you because i heart you so.

also, heres just some of our coverage:

update: heres a picture of someone else… with a ticket as well as a wristband

suddenly im very very jealous