week in review: it was a tough one

– it was a bad week for “The Homecoming”… on Wednesday Mischa Barton the star of the scary movie, directed by Morgan J. Freeman (the man who brought you “16 and Pregnant”), was sent to the psych ward of a hospital after she had a phone call with police. because of her incarceration Barton missed her own premiere. if that wasn’t bad enough, here it is Sunday and “The Homecoming” has a perfectly awful 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes after 15 reviews. The NY Times scoffed, “Homecoming is coldly efficient for what it is. But what it is is trash.”

– it was a bad week for trade secrets if your name is Twitter… some hacker broke into one of their employees’ email accounts and then was able to find out pretty much everything the company has done, is doing, and wants to do – and then sent it all to TechCrunch who subsequently published a good chunk of it into the interwebs. the only thing it really taught me is that Ev Biz and Jason really think hard about the way they do business and not only want Twitter to really succeed, but they want their employees to be super happy.

– it was a bad week for curling your hair naked in your hotel room… ESPN hottie discovered the hard way that asswipes will go that extra step to put a spycam through a hotel keyhole and video as much as one can – and subsequently post it on the web. but what could be worse is even after all the “attention”, no one remembers the blonde reporters name, nor would recognize her if she waltzed past. or is that the silver lining?

– it was a bad week for gravity… a man tried to kill himself in Orange County by jumping out of a window (yes, Irvine can do that to ya). Unfortunately the hotel was only 8 stories high and he landed on a well maintained slab of grass. he’ll have a sore back and a broken bone or two, but now he’ll actually have to face his demons. take em on head first, bro.

– it was a bad week for Black dudes dressed up in KKK outfits… a gentleman who claims his name is Michael Hunt went to fight City Hall this week dressed in a curious getup for an African American. when it was his turn to rock the mic to protest the fact that he was not allowed a vendors license, the council walked out on him, ruining the quorum, and shutting down the meeting. was it the hat?