two of my favorite musicians interviewed themselves the other day

mr tom waits and mr beck

in the interview they talk alot about LA, a city they both grew up in (Waits has since moved to Wine Country to be with his mules, etc). In this exchange they diss Frank Sinatra, X, and my boy Randy Newman (indirectly)

TW: “LA, You’re a Lady.” It was one of those lame, awful … Maybe it’s the rhyme or the rhythm of the name Los Angeles.

BH: Yeah I don’t think anyone has written a definitive LA song.

TW: Maybe it’s the rhyme or the rhythm of the name Los Angeles.

BH: Yeah, I don’t think you can…

TW: But Chicago or St Louis, such cool sounding names. New Orleans. So many songs about New Orleans.

I wrote about it a tad over on the Pop n Hiss blog, but it would probably be in your best interest to read the whole thing over at Beck’s web site.

she had to tell me some very sad news

and i listened. im not the best person to tell these things to.

im someone who wants to fix things, and fixem fast. its my belief that time is so short

oh so short.

that you should fix it and or forget it. because there are bigger better things right around the corner that want your attention

that need your attention.

glorious treasures await that require both of your hands and all of your mind and all of your heart to fully enjoy

but if you arent all there, all ready, in the lets get it on position, then you wont be ready for the full force of the la di da.

she told me the thing and it wasnt the best thing for anyone but she told me and i had two choices, i could tell her wtf or i could say ahhh and let that path work out to whatever that path would do.

on one hand if someone tells you something, dont you think they want you to say wtf if wtf is indeed the correct response?

on the other hand ive been wrong before, whose to say i wont be wrong again

although im not wrong on this one. wtf is precisely the correct response.

but because im selfish and lazy and not very courageous any more in my old age, i sat on my hands and smiled and nodded and bit my tongue.