someones looking for a blog editor in DC?!?

the times they are a’changing!

Company: The Hill newspaper
Position: Blog Editor
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Job Status: Full-time
Salary: Negotiable
Ad Expires: August 19, 2009
Job ID: 1023228

The Hill newspaper seeks a hard working blogger/blog editor to join its expanding online staff. The successful applicant will be an enthusiast for multi-media journalism willing to work long and irregular hours. The job includes reporting and writing, plus administrative tasks, directing interns and coordinating projects with online editors. Some political reporting experience is necessary and a working knowledge of Congress would be a strong advantage, but most important is a genuine interest in news, an appetite for current affairs and an instinct for keeping up with the buzz in federal politics.

Please send resume and clips to


one of the only bummers of getting older

is you dont get to see your friends as much as you used to.

once there was a time when i saw our pal every. dayum. day.

he was a street vendor outside my house on haight street.

effer would hawk all sorts of wares, tonics and potions.

when hed take his lunch break hed pull out a kazoo and sing little songs of this and that and woo the housewives and ladies of frisco and then sell them cleaning products and finery.

one day he got his hands on a fancy guitar rumored to be that of mr robert johnson, but it turned out to just be an old hank williams instrument so he decided to keep it.

funny thing about that guitar. it was haunted. with love. love and demons.

as ken strummed that demon device all the angels and saints of bygone eras came blasting out and before we knew it ken was on tour and a black man named Charles took over the trinket business.

turns out someone recorded some of ken’s tunes and now you and you and even you can hear the melodies from the past the present and the future of the california cowboy born in new orleans.

and yahoo music, of all places is where you can find it.

listen for free and be amazed.

photo by greg vaine, hat tip matt welch

theres a hot girl snoozing in my bed right now

soon a maid will come and clean my bachelor pad.

the sun is shining, the doves are keeping cool in soil beneath the whippoorwills. and beneath my tv a tivo quietly hums as it records Regis.

here it is wednesday morning and if youd ask me to describe my sense of place tuesday morning you would have received a completely different sketch. its one reason im somewhat insane. life changes so fast in my life. things shift daily if not hourly. its a wonder my truest has stuck around for the ride for so long because its not always a smooth journey.

the other night we were bickering and we ate our rotisserie chicken quietly and in a move of passive aggression i didnt brush my teeth before hitting the hay so that the garlic paste on my tongue would mix with morning breath and punish her as she slept.

tolstoy says that a couple no longer in love will venture in a path of hate, just as passionate if not more so as when they were courting. more proof that russians are pricks. i dont ever want to go down such paths. all i want to do is love and be loved. and live.

last night we ate at the delicious sushi palace and all was kool n the gang. maybe it was the saki. maybe it was the melt in yr mouth raw fish disguised as love. but we didnt turn on howard stern on the drive home, we didnt turn on the tv when we got back to my pad, we didnt delve into any sensitive topics. we just looked at each other, cracked the bedroom window open, and fell asleep with pleasant smiles on our faces.

privately knowing that this little coda to our long running romance was probably over, but so what. at least we were living in the present and that was just fine for a tuesday.