todays my buddy Chris’ birthday. hes 79

we met in the dorms of San Nic at UCSB way back in the day and we’ve both turned our lives over to the Lord and because of that our paths have been lined with beauty and joy.

we went to finals together last year thanks to the fact that Chris is a season ticket holder.

in fact, chris and i went to the first Laker game Ever at Staples, and we had schweet seats.

chris and jesus rob invented Thirsty Thursday back in Isla Vista and because of that we met many friends and randoms. fortunately we met young ladies as well. because when you have a keg and you brought a buck and yr own cup, how can you not make friends?

ah yes those were the days, but probably the most fun i had with Chris back then was skateboarding to class together, we are both college of creative studies grads, writing poetry all night, and then reading them the next day to the enjoyment of our class.

im sure anyone who saw us then would not think that chris would turn out to be a genius digital video forefather, whose work has been in every Tony Hawk skateboard game since the first one. and no one would ever think that id be an xbi chopper pilot.

despite his drinking, smoking, etc, my question is, how did chris get to keep his great hair?

happy birthday g

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