i dont like to call her my assistant

because thats gross but thats what everyone else calls her, and she calls herself that too.

but this morning i had something interesting happen that only occurred because of her influence.

Lindsay, pictured, right, is an animal lover. she is the brains and brawn behind our animal blog, Unleashed (latimes.com/woof). she is also a vegan. she is also an amazing fashion leader. she has also soldiered through sharing an office with me and now suffers through sitting next to me.

anyways lindsays influence is so strong that this morning as i was about to shower i noticed a huge potato bug on one of my sweat socks. usually a man would give such a discovery a pleasant squoosh followed by a flush and go about ones duties, but because i have softened to the point of charmin-levels, i took the sock, opened the window, and allowed the bug to crawl onto the window and saunter under the screen.

i shut the window, turned on the shower, and sang along to nirvana’s “School” (which is surprisingly funny to sing along to in the early morn).

when i was fully ready to leave the house i took a look at the bathroom window from the outside to see if the bug had procreated and left me with a family of little creatures. instead i found a dead potato bug on its back.

correct me if im wrong, but dont insects, especially the bug-type, have exoskeletons, and thus can withstand 4 feet falls?

yeah thought so.

anyways im thinking he was probably using my smelly sock as a coffin and when i woke it from its slumber o’ death, he said thanks but no thanks and jumped off into the great beyond intentionally landing on his soft spot and joined the big picnic blanket in the sky.

i took a picture of that, but i thought youd like a pic of lindsays hat and I Heart Pea Soup button instead.

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