but first this message from Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman

still at home drinking oj and slurping soup.

heard the gardeners in courtyard with their leaf blowers, etc.

remembered that one of the palm trees had a frond that was drooping right in front of my ficus. now that poor ficus has been here since Shira had the place and its done better and worse over the last decade of rock n roll.

but lately that frond has been sun-blocking it and all its little leaves are dying.

so i poked my head out and said, amigo can you cut that palm tree por favor?

he did so pretty quickly with the help of his partner and i ran inside my house because i remembered that i had picked up two really good bottles of wine that were practically being given away at the grocery store for $5 each.

i retrieved the bottles and gave them to the gardeners with a Merry Christmas and muchas gracias.

the whole thing brought a warm feeling inside me.

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