had dinner drinks and dessert

with two girls from Elgin

since we were experiencing an ICE STORM the ladies were nice enough to meet me halfway

which meant the Mill Rose in South Barrington.

you may recall that i met my high school crush there a year or two ago (god time flies).

whats great about the place is they have fireplaces everywhere, wood everything, great food, stiff drinks, and even more fireplaces where you least expect them.

they even had this huge Santa sculpture.

and this:

a chandelier made of antlers!!?!?!!

jessica and mandy are total midwestern girls. very funny, sometimes foul mouthed, but as real as you can get, which i miss living in the oftentimes very phony la la land.

and man was the beer good. so good we had to have “one for the road”, not paying attention at all to the fact that the roads were iced over (for her pleasure).

jessica beat me to the blogging so she wins. she also wins because mandy invited her over for christmas eve cuz her family is having omg Turducken.

so jeals.

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