Merry Christmas, babies

its sleeting ice. the winds trying to come in from the cold. every now and then you can hear the crispy snowpacks slide down the roof and crash into the driveway.

its Christmas in the suburbs and the asphalt is shiny and black. the trees are bare and froze up real good. skinny branches emaciated and beautiful with stop motion tear drops and sweat stuck to their bows like theyre afraid of whats below.

radio has never been good in the midwest but theres a metal station that barely comes in. twas rockin out to Dio’s “The Last in Line” in stop n go last minute shopping traffic when i switched over to XRT when the signal finally faded away and heard this new one from The Killers.

it reminded me one of the most important lessons of life (and blogging): stay fresh, stay new, keep moving, keep reaching for that unattainable goal of artistic perfection. may 2010 deliver you your dark side of the moon. but until then enjoy the baked goods.

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