you know krista oceanaria

she used to live next door to you outside toronto

but now shes gone and moved all the way to an island on the west coast

to follow her dreams

and live in a beautiful way that will make you sigh.

and now shes selling some of the prints from her amazing photos.

the things she does with not even a fancy camera are inspiring.

buy all of her prints and make her your printsess.

i dont want anything

not a hybrid, or a toupee, or five golden rings.

i dont want a 401(k) or a kilo of coke or a six pack.

i dont want kids, or a mortgage, or a divorce attorney, or an unhappy wife.

i dont want a pit bull, or an invite to a black & white party, or a jury summons.

i dont want a trip to the gym, or a dell computer, or kindle.

i dont want a side salad, or a lesson in grammar, or your opinion of the newspaper industry.

i dont want public speakers who cant speak well, or a new business suit, or hard shoes.

i dont want a makeover, or spiritual advice, or a gold chain.

i dont want to speak at a funeral, or an invite to have coffee, or a parking ticket.

i just want the cubs to win the world series, and then the luxury of dying in my sleep.

modern luv

One side effect of the breakup was my hesitant deletion of every single Sims game I own. Sims 2 with all the expansions, and Sims 3. In the 8 months that Dave lived here we both played an absurd amount. (Do you REALIZE how much custom content that is!? Like a billion.) I did it as some sort of therapeutic measure since I haven’t played at all since he moved out, and it was more or less our “thing”…not to mention, those games take up ALOT of space. Which brings me to my cool point. After all the games, custom content, and (while I was at it) any other rogue files I didn’t really need anymore were deleted, I ended up freeing FOURTEEN GIGABYTES (14GB for the laynerds) of HD space. That’s a bittersweet moment if there ever was one. I think…