saw mariah at the gibson wednesday

it was rainy and cold and i almost didnt go but i did cuz i aint never seener before

and i love her.

i have every record. i get them when they come out.

still i have no idea why ive never seen her before. prob cuz no one else likes her.

no one i know at least.

tickets were $300 a pair on ebay. $100 face value for the very back.

got to the place and i thought no way will i need to spend more than $30 from a scalper cuz no ones gonna be there. in the rain. everyones gonna bail.

no one bailed.

everyone showed up. i paid the ticket box $108. sat in the back. stood for most of it cuz i was excited and she was awesome and the epitome of a diva.

at one point two dudes brought out a chaise lounge and her hair guy and her makeup guy did a touch up on her as she sipped champaign in some taffata dress.

everyone screamed. then she sang her ass off.

this was the video at the very end.

90 minutes. no encore. just hi bye out.

i will never miss a tour of hers again.