modern luv: part deux

When I was living with this one boyfriend (I’d name him, but you don’t know him so it doesn’t matter, OH OK let’s call him Les) I WAS in fact screwing my ex… who in fact was the person I left my husband for… yeah we both lied to his face about it for awhile before that relationship ended and we got back together. He was pretty much my soul-mate, and that status might still stand today even though we aren’t together now and haven’t been since 2003. He even came to visit me in 2008 and I screwed him then too (although I was single that time).

flatline girl

these Dems might not be able to get anything done

but theyre having fun

despite having one of the largest majorities in congress in history, the dems are poised to be stymied by a guy in a truck, a guy with an orangey suntan, and rush limbaugh.

but at least they still have a sense of humor.

and at least theyre doing it at the expense of that maverick sarah palin.

i say we elect the former alaskan governor and put her speeches on pay per view. when people asked me what i did last weekend i said are you kidding, i watched that tea party convention.

tea partiers + sarah + watching peoples heads explode couldnt be more entertaining.

although i really wish there was a camera on the manhattan beach kid who tried to buy urine from two elementary school kids so he could allegedly pass a drug test.