you know what ive learned about love?

you shouldnt really pay much attention from people who you sex great,
cuz everyone sexxes great.

you shouldnt really get too invested with people you get a long with,
cuz how hard is it to get along with

you also shouldnt really get all choked up with someone who looks great
cuz lord only knows if you’ll get sick of what they look like.

but you should pay attention to someone who you can fight with.
cuz that, i guarantee, will be in yr future.
and if you can do that in a way thats short and sweet
and something that doesnt fester
then you my friend have found a keeper.

greatest thing about this weekend?

no, not seeing randy newman at ucla with a pretty girl
right after eating in n out and licking ketchup

no not seeing shutter island in a crowded theatre
or visiting the apple store or eating lettuce wraps at pf changs

no not watching the usa beat canada in hockey
or lebron and shaq vs orlando or the fact it didnt rain much

the greatest thing about this weekend were not the passionate kisses
or moonlight drives or late night advances or tipsiness

it was learning that the Simpsons are 1/64th black.

wanna see the crappiest it looked like this weekend in LA

ta da.

rain threatened us, but just like that it fell in love with So Cal and didnt pour.

so we went to the movies.

Shutter Island.

not at all what i expected.

i recommend that if you wanna go, you go soon because you dont want people to ruin it for you and they always do. this is one that people are bound to ruin.

all i gotta say is i heard one theatre booed. ours didnt clap. but the truest and i liked it. maybe me more than she. but im easily amused.