maybe i didnt watch enough of the olympics

maybe i watched just enough

because even though it was touching to watch the candian skater girl get a bronze right after her mom died,

the person i was rooting for the most was johnny weir.

the lo and behold our pal kk+ bumped into him and did this quickie video interview

i like it when people who dont win medals are still loved and respected. if theres one thing i really dont like about the oly games its the whole gold silver bronze bs. here you have all these really young athletes trying their hardest to perform and in events like figure skating we run around pretending that its ok to say that one persons routine was better than the other and because of those extremely subjective assessments their lives are changed forever.

same goes for a racer who wins or loses by a fraction of a second.

not real crazy about any of that.

nor am i excited about one country performing or competing against another.

we’re all just little blobs of cells and blood and bones running around. barely alive. lucky to be alive. im not gonna hate on a skater cuz of the country hes so-called representing.

back in the day if Apollo was racing against Flash i wouldnta said “go italy!” ida said “go Apollo!”

anyways rock on johnny weir.