Han Shot First!

the Canadian edition

my man Kris Krug is shooting all things Olympics at the Olympics in BC.

the other day he found himself in the way of a line of over-eager police.

at about 1:17 in the video you will see him (gray sweat shirt, black cap) talking to a cop, turning his back on him, and getting hit/pushed with a shield anyway!

if i have one plea of Canada: please do not act like who you see in America.

the REASON we love Canada is because it is DIFFERENT than the USA.

if youre going to just be USA North we’re going to have to absorb you/take you over/and install George W as king of you.

i dont even think W wants that.

i had a great vday

i hope you did too

vday really should be abolished because i think more people get super bummed out than are happy. when you think about it, if youre in love, every day is a happy day, and if youre single you really dont need a FULL DAY to remind yourself that youre not where you probably wanna be.

my truest was my vday date (and vice versa).
she made me a tin of homemade chocolate

she also suggested that we have a little fun

turned out she meant go kart racing fun!

little known fact: little kids CANNOT DRIVE WELL AT ALL!

fine with me cuz someone smelled sake and beer on our breaths and we were booted

so we jetted to a secret hideout and thanked Jah for one another. awwwww

after we went to maggianos and had such great food and even better dessert